Why Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with a population of over 28 million people and represented by  multiple ethnic groups with a young, educated and productive workforce. Malaysia has a market oriented economy with a well-developed manufacturing sector.

Malaysia has a lot of natural resources like rubber, oil palm trees, wood and oil.

A wide range of quality products are manufactured by Malaysian companies and already exported world wide. From electrical and electronics to furniture, automotive parts and component, plastics to IT services have found their ways to more than 200 countries. We lined up some of Malaysia’s advantages;

  • Market-oriented economy
  • well-developed manufacturing sector
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Well-developed financial and banking sector
  • Multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, including English.
  • Legal and accounting practice are based on the British system.
  • Well-maintained infrastructure
  • High quality telecommunications network and services.